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Personalized career planning for students 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and Graduate students

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Career Planning Tip's

Career planning can be overwhelming. It requires a lot of research, awareness and knowledge. As a student you need to introspect and understand your aptitude, personality and interest and as a parent you need to ensure that you facilitate your child's requirements.

JobOk is focused on helping students choose a career in which their potential is maximized. Let us take care of the planning for you.

Advantages of our Program

  • We use a career assessment tools (aptitude, personality and interest match), a scientific way of identifying the best possible career for you to maximize your success quotient.
  • Trained and well experienced Career Planners.
  • Complete support through face-to-face sessions, emails and phone.
  • Unbiased and independent Career Planning program. (arrange face-to-face session at your place with agencies/colleges/universities)
  • Stream and course selection assistance
  • College planning and admission assistance
  • Personalized online Career Dashboard giving access to well researched career and college information by JobOk.
  • Scholarship and Entrance Alerts

Looking for a new job

while you are still working? Make sure you don't give away your job search to your current employer. Not only will it sour your relationship with your boss, it will also become the biggest hurdle, just in case you change your mind about switching jobs.